Daredevil slot machine

The Daredevil slot game is yet another from the thrilling Marvel Slots series that is available to play at all good Playtech casinos. Featuring the super hero Daredevil himself, with his brilliant red moulded costume, this game introduces all the familiar characters plus his weapons artillery – very impressive.

Sporting 5 reels and 20 paylines, this video slot is well designed and all the symbols on the reels are dramatically highlighted against a dark background. Daredevil himself is the Wild symbol and triggers one of the best features of the games, the Free Spins bonus round, where Daredevil uses his special Radar scanner on every symbol to reveal any hidden Random Wilds which will boost your payouts dramatically.

Another unique feature in Daredevil slots game which we love, is the Bullseye Feature, giving a totally unique spin on regular slot games, where you aim before every spin, giving you extra chances to win, and a great element of control that takes you outside the slot game itself.

With huge payouts just waiting to be won, don’t forget about the all-important Mystery Progressive Jackpot – unique to all slot games in the Marvel Slots range. This multi-level jackpot can be hit at any time, and then you’re in charge again, in a timed round where you’ll need to reveal 3 matching symbols to find out which of the 4 jackpots you’ve won, thrilling stuff!

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Who is Daredevil?

Daredevil Slots Daredevil Slots

Daredevil himself is based on a fictional character created in 1964 by writer Stan Lee and artist Bill Everett for Marvel Comics. His human character is Matt Murdock, and he grew up in New York with his father, a professional boxer, who tried to instill in him good values and wanted him to make a better life for himself.

One day Matt jumps into action and saves a blind man from being mown down by a truck. He saves the man, but some radioactive substance falls off the truck and he tragically becomes blinded as a result. The substance although rendering him totally sightless, increases his remaining senses dramatically, allowing him to detect the size, shape and location of objects around him.

Story Of Daredevil

Daredevil Slots Daredevil Slots

His father does his utmost to support his son, but draws the line when he's asked to throw a fight, and for this he is killed. The death of his father, his sole parent, affects Murdock greatly, and this is where he dons his new costume and character, and tracks down his father's killers. This gives him a new mission in life, fighting bad guys all across the USA for the rest of his time.

Now you know a little bit about Daredevil himself, why not experience the thrill of playing the excellent Daredevil video slot game.